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Who is the
MLK League?

The International MLK League of Community Leaders is a diverse and intergenerational team of community leaders committed to implementing people-driven solutions on a local level. Our chapters serve as a unified platform through which human-focused missions are conceived and executed.


Our vision is a world where communities unite regardless of geographical borders, racial backgrounds, or socioeconomic status to combat human injustice and create equitable opportunities that measurably improve our quality of life. The MLK League's mission is to foster collaboration, empower communities, and drive positive change through grassroots efforts, advancing global equality and justice for all.

The MLK League operates with an integrated grassroots approach, emphasizing the importance of uniting local leadership and community engagement. We provide resources, training, and networking opportunities to amplify the impact of community leaders. Leveraging the power of technology, we connect leaders worldwide, facilitating knowledge sharing and successful strategies for social change. 

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